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Advantages of mediation over litigation

mediation advantagesThe stresses of preparing for and attending a courtroom proceeding can be overwhelming. Mediation provides a lower cost option for resolving conflict in a way that is generally less disruptive to families and personal lives.

By reducing the hostility which can result from the litigation process, and which ultimately may lead to a less desirable outcome for both parties, mediation is often a smart strategic decision, as well. Where litigation looks to the past, mediation looks to the future and can set the stage for future cooperative resolutions between parties. >> Next: Interests vs. Positions

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The Free Online Mediation Training Class

This is a 100% online mediation training course. Students typically complete the program after four hours of study and course engagement. Successful completion of the online mediation class results in a certificate. Learning valuable negotiation skills at your own pace is fun and will help you develop a variety of communication skills for your career and personal life.

negotiation skills programme Elements of this course have been adopted for use on the Business and Negotiation Skills Programme and Teacher Training Programme at Extension Language Programmes, the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

TWZ Enterprises™ certifies that this online training course has been approved for 4 participatory or self-study MCLE Credits by the State Bar of California. Please note that anyone can benefit from studying mediation online, regardless of their occupation.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about learning mediation online. The course is free and simple to navigate. So, what are you waiting for?

enroll in free mediation training Enroll in Free Mediation Training